The project "PWP: Therapy through the development. Development of school network for young people at risk of premature dropping out of the educational system ".is carried out by the University of Łódź in the framework of the Operational Program Human Capital Priority IX. Development of education and competence in the regions, Measure 9.1. Equalization of educational chances and providing high quality of educational services performed in the system of education, Submeasure 9.1.2 Equalization of educational chances of students with limited access to education and diminishing disproportion in the quality of educational services.

The main objective of the project is to increase the quality of education in schools through the development program based on an adaptation of the German system of work with students socially maladjusted. Schemes of implementation of educational activities, care - tutorial, rehabilitation used by the foreign partner Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH, are based on assumptions neoolimpizm (idea based on two canons of European humanism, the idea of peace, fair fight in the form of fair play where education through sport as a tool for the educational model is the foundation of a democratic axio-normative work of the student. The model promotes equality of opportunity, regulation of behavior, suitable rank rivalry stressing the need for cooperation, responsibility for oneself and others) and confrontational pedagogy (the implementation of the juvenile system for accountability and democracy on the basis of confrontational methods of educational work, promoting democratic style of leadership in working with the student). Taken from the foreign partner schemes of open space to implement the best systems of Education-Advisory-adaptive and strengthen students ' resources. Support is covered by 9 high schools and 30 teachers-educators from Lodz area. The main objective will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  1. Provide teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary for the proper implementation of the method confrontational pedagogy through training programs / courses based on the experience of the foreign partner.
  2. The increase in the adaptation of the school through the implementation of social and educational rehabilitation program based on an adaptation of the German system of working with socially maladjusted pupils, based on the assumptions of ideas neoolimpizm and confrontational pedagogy.
  3. The increase in interpersonal competence, the key through the development of extra-curricular activities and a series of various forms of support based on confrontational methods used by the foreign partner, including the methodology focused on cooperation and share of experience of limiting the impact of hierarchy and habits.
  4. Increase professional competence Students Gymnasiums through the program to prepare junior high school students to choose learning paths based on confrontational methods used by the foreign partner

Activities implemented in the framework of the project:

1. Research and analysis on the adaptation of the innovative system working model with the Student – good German practice

The task includes the following:

  • Construct a set of recommendations and to identify directions for potential changes in climate conducive to building a desired community schools
  • a study visit to Germany, the overriding purpose of the visit is the adaptation of a novel model system work with the student socially ill-study visit will allow the flow of ideas, experiences, establish professional contacts on issues that are of interest to teachers, experts from the Polish and German working in similar areas of education and training

2. Training/courses for the teaching staff of schools in the personal and professional development

  • Building the social climate of the school.
  • The methodology of creative rehabilitation.
  • Management styles in the education of students at risk of premature falling out of the education system.
  • Training interpersonal skills.
  • Prevention and treatment of addiction.
  • Olympic education and the idea of fair play as part of a process of resocialization.
  • The educational role of sport children and adolescents.
  • Physical activity for children with special educational needs.

3. School Career Centers - program preparing Students of Junior Secondary Schools to choose post-secondary learning paths of education and providing tchem with job councelling

The task includes:

  • practical-training classes with privileges to practice as a lifeguard, cook, waiter
  • launching the 5 School Career Centers in schools covered by the project -2 trips educational and vocational

4. Schedule of the socio-educational-readaptation – supporting the development and equalling practical chances

 The task includes:

  • Psycho-educational classes, prophylactic: music therapy, interpersonal communication, individual psychological support-cycle didactic - the compensatory-team: mathematics, science, customs warehouse, German, first Polish-seizure strengthening personal development and build motivation to learn like: speed reading, creative rehabilitation - swimming course Survival Self-improvement program

5. International symposium.                                                                                           

6. Publications – popularizing results of the project




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